Benny Ricardo

Benny is a Stand-Up Comedy entertainer who has done hundreds of performances and personal shows, including two in the White House for George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton in the 1990s. He has appeared anywhere and everywhere from Valley View Casino to the Letterman Show, the Tonight Show and Good Morning America.

The Lake foundation

July 8th He is coming to Pine Peaks to help raise funds for the Lake foundation. All proceeds of this show to go to the LAKE
Foundation whose purpose is to build and maintain a facility that will be leased by the Crosslake Community School.

The Lake Foundation

According to LAKE Foundation board member, Mike Stone, “The building will be a multi-use facility that will be owned by the LAKE Foundation and leased to the Crosslake Community Charter School. Although the goal is to raise money to build the $7 million facility, the project is much more than a school. The new building will be used during the school year by CCS, and it will also be utilized during the summer and evenings for the community. We want this new facility to be the hub of our community,” said Stone.

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