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Kari & Matt’s Wedding – September 6, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Kari and Matt met in Homer, Alaska in July 2012. Matt was there working during the Summers on a halibut charter boat and Kari was visiting with her friend and her husband as well as Kari’s sister. Kari not only caught monster halibut and tons of salmon, but also caught the love of her life.

2014-09-05 01.02.29

They returned to Alaska the next year in July 2013 and everyone thought Matt would propose but he held out until September when he brought her fishing at the Kenai River. Matt pretended that his lure kept snagging and that he needed to change it. He pulled out the tackle box and handed it to Kari to choose a new lure. Inside buried in the lure beads was her RING! SHE SAID YES!

2014-09-05 23.50.44

Kari and Matt knew they wanted an outdoor wedding and a special place where all of their friends could gather and hopefully enjoy the outdoors as well. Since they were interrupting most of the groomsmen’s hunting season they chose “we interrupt hunting season” as their theme.

2014-09-05 23.42.01

The couple arrived early at Pine Peaks and quickly transformed the Event Center into their own. The groom’s mom, Kim, picked flowers from her garden for the tables which brought the room to life! The mix of colors and textures complimented the rustic theme.

2014-09-05 02.54.57

The Groom’s dinner was held Friday night “picnic style” with full utilization of Pine Peak’s prep kitchen and pavilion after a run through of the ceremony. Family and guests enjoyed a full night of getting to know each other and reminiscing about how they knew the couple.

The wedding day was “ROYAL” inside and out. The early Fall day was 70 degrees with a bright royal blue sky which matched the Wedding Party’s attire! The colors of the earth and sky came together with their beautiful flowers.

2014-09-06 00.28.44

The joyful I DO’s where shared in the garden with a clear blue sky overhead. To signify their union, the couple watered a “Unity Tree” together which they will plant and watch grow together. Family and friends cheered as the newlyweds were introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. and the celebration began!

2014-09-06 02.01.09
The reception was held in the Event Center and pavilion. The dinner followed with Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering stealing the show with his fabulous Italian buffet dinner. The guests enjoyed a house salad with fresh bread, Sicilian green beans, Rose’ pasta, slow roasted beef with brandy peppercorn sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese. Wearing one of his many hats, Tony Maucieri Sr. served the tender beef to the guests.

2014-09-06 03.45.23
The couple decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and served a Crosslake favorite “ice cream cake” made by Lake Country Crafts and Cones. The choices were white chocolate raspberry truffle fudge or French silk pie ice cream cake which was served butler style by the Maucieri’s team to the delighted guests. The celebration continued with a dance that went well into the night. Kate of Maucieri’s Catering made her specialty fresh baked pizzas in the wood fired oven. The guests are still talking about the wonderful food experience this wedding offered!


2014-09-06 05.49.27
Along with being a fishing guide, Matt also has a business in the spring guiding snow goose hunts so they chose a snow goose as their mascot for the fireside room. We wish the Newlyweds a lifetime of adventures and hope that they enjoy the hunt together. May they forever “catch” all of life’s blessings with the same enthusiasm and love that they shared with each other today!

2014-09-06 04.57.11

- Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to view Facebook for Kari and Matt September 6, 2014

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Maggie & Jeremy’s Wedding – August 23, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Maggie and Jeremy were set up by a mutual friend in February 2013. Their first date was on Valentine’s Day and Jeremy drove the two and a half hours down and back just to spend three hours with Maggie in the cities! Living in two different cities presented its challenges, but when it comes to true love, no distance was too far for them.

2014-08-22 21.48.07

Seven months later, Jeremy proposed to Maggie in his living room as they sat down in their pajamas to watch a movie. SHE SAID YES! Those who know Maggie know that it was the most perfect proposal she could have asked for! 2014-08-22 22.53.04

The couple came across Pine Peaks in a magazine pointed out by a friend. They were so happy that they found a place where they could celebrate a whole wedding weekend, not just a wedding day. They especially enjoyed having the whole bridal party stay together in the Retreat House to allow the couples’ friends to get to know each other. They arrived on Thursday and used many of Pine Peaks’ decorations to customize the Event Center and make it their own. The assortment in Julie’s decoration room is so extensive that no two weddings have ever looked the same at Pine Peaks. (Julie especially liked the Jade color that accented the entire décor. Great choice Maggie!)

2014-08-23 03.33.37

The rehearsal and groom’s dinner was held on Friday at Pine Peaks. A fabulous meal was enjoyed in the pavilion. On Saturday morning, many of the guys enjoyed golfing at one of the many beautiful local courses while the ladies got ready. The guys returned in time to set up the ceremony chairs in the garden and prepare for the I Do’s.

2014-08-23 04.23.20

It was a beautiful over cast day which all photographers’ know makes a picture perfect day! Jeremy had the first look at his beautiful bride before the ceremony next to Pine Peaks’ oldest tree. His response was “You look beautiful, but you always do”. Many photos were taken on the property with the stunning natural green backdrop everywhere you looked!
The ceremony was held in the garden with a very happy couple saying “I DO!” The wedding guests all rang bells as the couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife.
The reception and dinner followed in the Event Center after the hugs and congratulations were given. The couple asked the wedding guests to write a special note of advice and place it in bottles to be opened at their anniversaries. Very cool to be getting advise 50 years from now! As a special treat, the bride and groom put together the S’mores favors for the guests and many toasted marshmallows in the roaring fire pit later in the evening!

2014-08-22 20.42.56

Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering treated the guests to a fabulous buffet dinner that everyone raved about! It started with a Caesar salad and fresh bread, green beans, au gratin potatoes, chicken parmesan and slow roasted beef. Great job Maucieri’s team! In a Pine Peaks tradition, Kate later made fresh pizzas in the wood fired oven. The guests danced the night away in celebration of their new life together.

2014-08-23 04.34.38

It was truly a wedding weekend, not just a wedding day for Maggie and Jeremy. The couple stayed in the Retreat house Sunday night for just one more night. Maggie said “It was an amazing way to unwind without returning to the real world and neither of us wanted to leave!”

2014-08-23 00.40.41
We, at Pine Peaks were honored to host the joyful wedding of Maggie and Jeremy and wish them the best of luck and love in their lives as husband and wife. Stay true to each other!

- Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to view Facebook for Maggie and Jeremy on August 23, 2014

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Beth and Derick’s Wedding – August 30, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Beth and Derick met at a friend’s wedding almost 3 years ago. They had a little rap battle to a Nicki Minaj song and the rest is history! Beth is a Pediatric nurse and Derick is a welder. They moved to Fargo, ND a year into their relationship. A year ago in October 2013 Derick asked Beth to join him on the dock at the family cabin. To her surprise, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him! SHE SAID YES!

2014-08-30 01.24.05
Beth and Derick arrived early and completed the fun task of decorating in no time. The tables in the Event Center had antique bottles which they later filled with beautiful wild flowers that Beth’s older brother and mom grew just for the occasion at their nearby lake home. The room was white, which made the colors of the wild flowers pop! The arch and vining flowers were also planted and cared for by the two.

2014-08-29 20.44.17

The couple held the rehearsal and Groom’s Dinner in the Retreat House and porch on Friday night. The evening was a perfect night to enjoy the outdoors with their closest family and friends. The tables inside and out were decorated with Ball jars decorated for the occasion.

2014-08-30 03.17.51

Beth and Derick said their I DO’s with a 6:00 ceremony in Pine Peaks Garden in front of their family and friends. A reception and dinner was held in the Event Center followed by a dance with a special dance by the groom to “Too Sexy for my Shirt” before taking new wife Beth’s garter! The crowd went wild!

2014-08-30 03.29.05

The Groom’s brother is a chef in Alaska. The groom asked him how the food was and to the groom’s surprise, he stated “Best wedding food he has ever had!” Great job Chef Brian and Maucieri’s Catering! The lucky guests were served a house salad, asparagus with hollandaise, three cheese Au Gratin, maple leaf chicken and stuffed shells!
This was the 8th wedding this year for Beth and Derick and their friends. All of the other couples were in attendance at this wedding. One of the guys stated “this was the best wedding of the eight because of the location”!

2014-08-30 05.01.37
The Newlyweds will be moving to SW Florida in October. The bride started Grad School this summer and plans to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. A busy schedule to start out their lives as husband and wife!

2014-08-30 05.25.06
The couple did a number of sentimental and unique things at their wedding. The lace around the ladies bouquets was from Beth’s mom’s wedding dress. Beth wore her Grandma’s wedding ring on her right hand. The box that held their “unity plant” was from the bride’s Great Grandpa’s welding shop and the box the ring bearer walked down the aisle with was Grandpa’s tool box. The table cloth under the cake was made by Beth’s Grandma. She started crocheting it before she had children, and completed it long after the seven children were born. Beth’s mom Lynn is also crafty and sewed a heart from her dad’s dress shirt on to the inside of her wedding dress.

2014-08-30 05.17.35
The dessert bar in the Bonus Room was filled with yummy homemade bars with favorite recipes from the family. The couple’s Aunts and Grandmothers made the fabulous treats.
Monday after the nuptials was Labor Day, a bonus day. Family and friends spent the day together and continued the celebration by renting a pontoon and enjoying Cross Lake on the beautiful blue sky day.


2014-08-30 04.50.56
We, at Pine Peaks would like to thank Beth and Derick for choosing us to celebrate the start of your new lives together. We wish them a lifetime of luck and love and adventure together.
- Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to view Beth and Derick’s Wedding Photos on Facebook!

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The More The “Marrier” – A Wedding Study

Posted on by davepeterson

Thinking about running off to Vegas to get hitched? Before you buy your plane tickets, you might want to know about a recent study linking marital success and large weddings.


According to the findings of research group National Marriage Project, couples who get married in large ceremonies in the presence of family and friends tend to have more successful and long-lasting unions.

The study was simple; the group asked 418 recently married couples a series of questions related to the strength of their marriages – length of partnership, ease of communication, desire to remain together, etc. They then compared those answers against the style of the couples’ weddings.

The results? Couples who hosted large, formal weddings tended to respond more positively. In fact, 41% of couples who threw lavish ceremonies were happy with their marriages, compared with 28% of those who had simple, private ceremonies.


What’s more – the happiness quotient for couples tended to rise with the number of guests. Of that 48% of happy couples, 47% reported a guest list of 150 people or more.

So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are happy couples more likely to throw a big wedding in front of family and friends, or do big weddings generate post-ceremony happiness?

Frankly, there’s no real way to know – every couple is different.

One thing we can all agree on – when you find the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, you probably want to share the joy with the people you love!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to learn more about this study.

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Chelsea and Nate’s Wedding – August 16, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Chelsea and Nathan met at Winona State University where they both went to college during their junior and senior years. Nathan had caught Chelsea’s eye during intramural basketball and she loved the fact that he worked extremely hard on the court and always seemed to get the “hustle” plays. Nathan and Chelsea are huge sports fanatics, even though Nathan is a Minnesota Vikings fan and Chelsea is a Green Bay Packers fan. (I see some fun conflict in their future.

2014-08-16 02.50.25
Chelsea was formally introduced to Nathan in the library by a mutual friend and “matchmaker”. They stayed up late chatting online until 2 a.m. both with finals the next day. One thing that Chelsea instantly fell in love with about Nathan was how their values and vision for the future matched perfectly. It was as if the stars had aligned and neither of the m new it yet.
The day Nathan proposed, he arrived home from work early with TWO surprises. While Chelsea was getting ready for Nathan’s parents to come to the house for the evening, Nathan managed to sneak their future puppy INSIDE A BACKPACK and then downstairs.
Chelsea was surprised to see Nathan home early from work, but didn’t become suspicious until she heard a high-pitched “yipp” coming from their basement. Chelsea had been highly anticipating picking out a dog together, so she thought for sure the surprise was some sort of prank. At the bottom of the stairs, waiting in a kennel was the most adorable yellow lab puppy! Overwhelmed with excitement, Chelsea ran over to the kennel and as quickly as she could scooped up their new puppy. Holding on to Remy and smothering him with kissed, Chelsea turned around to give Nate a huge hug and a thank him only to see Nathan down on one knee! A double surprise! A very astonished Chelsea said YES and YES!

2014-08-16 05.25.56
The rehearsal and Groom’s dinner was held at Pine Peaks with the dinner in the Pavilion. The guest of honor was the father of the bride so a special cup cake was made for him. Family and friends enjoyed a perfect evening.
The outdoor ceremony was held in the garden surrounded by family and friends. The couple was the first to use Pine Peaks new birch arch and decorated it with a fabulous chandelier. The Officiate of the ceremony, Steve Norduke gave the couple a Lego set with instructions for their marriage. The Legos came with instructions that showed how 3 different structures could be built. He stated that Nathan with his engineering background would likely use the instructions and figure out how to use all of the pieces to their fullest. Chelsea with her teaching background would like the instructions, however would likely look at the project from an emotional stand point and suggested that she would build something that made her feel good, and looked good. The suggestion that the same pieces could be used in a multiple of combinations is similar to many situations in a marriage. He challenged the couple to work together to build their future.

2014-08-16 00.55.15
Both families came together with a Unity Plant. The parents combined dirt from each of their homes and combined them together into a plant for Chelsea and Nathan. The happy couple said IDO and the celebration began! An outdoor reception was held in the Pavilion with pianist and vocalist Jack De Sousa in the background. Yard games were enjoyed on the perfect summer night.

2014-08-16 04.43.25
Clyde from Safe Ride shuffled the bridal party to our lake home a few miles away for photos by the vintage stacked stone gate as well as by the lake. Their photos were fabulous with many different backgrounds at Pine Peak and the lake. Clyde even stopped on the way for a photo op next to a bale of hay!
The dinner was held in the Event Center with Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering serving the guests a fabulous buffet of house salad, antipasto, chicken fettuccine and cheese ravioli. Kate later baked pizzas for the guests in the wood fired oven during the dance. Great job Maucieri’s!

2014-08-16 04.29.08
Chelsea and Nathan will be traveling to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) in December for their honeymoon. We at Pine Peaks are so very happy for the newlyweds and wish them a fabulous future of great surprises together! We also challenge you to work to build your future “together”.

- Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to view Chelsea and Nate’s Wedding Photos!

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Caitlin and Cody’s Wedding – August 2, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Caitlin and Cody met five years ago through mutual friends. Although they were seeing other people at the time, they both knew in their hearts it was love at first sight. Almost a year later the time was right and they started dating. Needless to say, their initial feelings were spot on. On July 19th, 2013, Cody proposed on Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, MN, their favorite spot to travel to. SHE SAID YES!

2014-08-01 22.40.48

They chose Pine Peaks Event Center for the biggest day of their lives because it had everything they dreamed of. As they came for their initial tour, they were there for merely 5 minutes and both knew it was the exact place for them. In Caitlin’s words Pine Peaks Event Center gave them “a STRESS FREE 4 day wedding extravaganza”!
Cody and Caitlin arrived early Thursday to decorate and made the place uniquely their own. On Friday the guys went golfing and the ladies went to the Wharf in Crosslake and enjoyed lunch by the water. The rehearsal and Groom’s Dinner was held on Friday night with their closest family and friends where they enjoyed grilling on a perfect summer night in the Pavilion.

2014-08-02 09.48.03

They chose a Regal Setting for the head table which put them right in the middle of their family and friends for the reception. As a center point of room the wedding cake, made by Reed’s Bakery was set atop a fabulous cake stand made from a 140 year old tree which had fallen a couple of weeks before. The couple loves music and had unique “guest book” ideas with signatures and best wishes placed on record albums and a guitar.

2014-08-01 15.32.37

2014-08-02 03.06.45


The outdoor ceremony was held in the garden which was in full bloom with yellow lilies which accented the bouquets of yellow held by the bridesmaids. A crew of young men from the “Secret Service” delivered the rings to the best man to the tune of Mission Impossible. This was a hit with the crowd! The distinguished Dr. Harry Olson
officiated the ceremony and the Mission was complete with the saying of I DOs!

2014-08-02 02.29.33

2014-08-02 01.48.29

A very happy couple greeted their guests after which Kate of Maucieri’s Catering held a champagne toast in honor of the joyous occasion. Hors d’ oeuvres were served in the Pavilion for an outdoor reception. Hula hoops, bubbles and corn toss games were enjoyed in the yard.

2014-08-02 01.42.26

The reception was held in the Event Center with a fabulous plated dinner by Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering. Kate and her team delivered a house salad, then slow roasted beef with marsala mushroom sauce, stuffed chicken with baby reds and green beans. Fabulous food and service. Kate later baked fresh pizzas in Pine Peaks’ wood fired oven for the guests. Thank you Maucieri’s!

Speeches were made and a special performance was given by the Groom’s mom and groomsmen. They did a rap about the couple which thoroughly entertained the crowd! The celebration continued and they danced the night away!

Cody and Caitlin enjoy cheering on the Wild, watching comedies, discovering new music while also enjoying the classics, being super lazy but also doing anything and everything outdoors. Caitlin has obtained her dream job as a teacher. She is entering her third year, where she will be embarking on a new journey teaching third grade. Cody is also doing exactly what he loves working for Three Rivers Park District. They currently live in a townhouse in Prior Lake, MN and are hoping to find a home soon in the same area as well as add a dog (and babies!) to start off their family together.

2014-08-02 05.41.29

Their quirkiness, humor, spontaneity and outlook on life are what make Caitlin and Cody two peas in a pod. They love each other with more passion, heart and soul than imaginable and are so happy to begin their new journey together.

2014-08-02 02.43.08

We at Pine Peaks truly enjoyed Cody and Caitlin and thank them for choosing us! Their passion for life and optimism are contagious! The best of luck and love to the happy newlyweds until your Mission is complete!

- Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to view Caitlin and Cody’s Wedding Photos!

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Amanda and Kyle’s Wedding – July 26th, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Amanda and Kyle's Wedding

Amanda and Kyle both lived in the Beardsley area and so always knew each other but never really talked or hung out at all. In June of 2012, Kyle contacted Amanda through Facebook and they started talking. Ever since the first day they hung out together, they have hardly ever spent a day apart. They dated for almost 8 months when Kyle asked Amanda to marry him. SHE SAID YES! Amanda said “I never believed people when they said “when you meet the one, you will just know” but it’s true. We both just knew it from the beginning!”

Amanda and Kyle's Wedding

They chose Pine Peaks Retreat and Event Center as it had everything there for them to use to make their dream wedding come true. They wanted a whole weekend with their family and friends, not just a wedding day. They loved that there was a whole room full of decorations that they could use to customize their wedding décor. Their style was rustic bling. They chose eggplant and grey as their colors and loved that there were homemade crates that they could use which were left by a previous bride and groom (thank you Brianna and Edward). Julie had vines and grapes and plenty of bling to compliment the décor in the decoration room.

Amanda and Kyle's Wedding

Kyle had his “first look” at his beautiful bride as she was escorted down the aisle by her mother. The day was a perfect July day in Minnesota with a gently breeze, plenty of sunshine and puffy white clouds. The IDOs were shared in the presence of close friends and family in Pine Peaks Garden which was in full bloom.

Amanda and Kyle's Wedding

The celebration continued with a reception in the pavilion with a fabulous buffet dinner to follow crafted by Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering. The guests were served fresh bread, a house salad, antipasto, and specialty buffet chicken fettuccine and spaghetti with Tony Senior’s famous meatballs on top. (Top secret recipe and Julie’s favorite). The guests were treated to a fabulous piece of real wedding cake! Then, in a pine peaks tradition, Kate of Maucieri’s baked fresh pizzas in the wood fired oven.
Amanda and Kyle's Wedding

We at Pine Peaks Event Center wish this lovely couple the best of everything and hope for a life time full of true love. Thank you for choosing Pine Peaks!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

To see their full wedding album visit:

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Jessica and Derek’s Wedding – July 12th, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Derek and Jessica met while teaching together at Lincoln Elementary in Anoka. He had been teaching 4th grade when she was hired as the 5th grade teacher in June 2012. They were friendly but professional the first half of the year. It was around Christmas time that their friendship started to blossom into something more.

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Throughout the school year, they tried to keep their relationship hidden from the students. She had all of the students he had the year prior. All throughout the year, the kids kept telling them they “knew the perfect person” for both of them and loved playing matchmaker. They did end up telling the kids the very last day of school and they were thrilled! The kids helped them make their Save the Dates!

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

On Monday, August 5, 2013 he popped the question. Derek asked Jessica to go over to her mom’s house and when she arrived, she found a beautiful bouquet of her favorite yellow roses with a note attached that said “These flowers represent your pure beauty from the inside out. Jessica, you are truly the love of my life. Below I have written a cheesy poem for you…

Jessica and Derek's Wedding
“Roses are red, violets are blue. I am ready for our journey and I hope you are too. (P.S. I know these roses are yellow, but nothing good rhymes with yellow)” See the whole engagement story at: SHE SAID YES!

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

The weather could not have been more perfect for the Groom’s Dinner and June Wedding celebration at Pine Peaks. The garden was in full bloom and the grounds were immaculate. The Groom’s dinner was held in the pavilion with family and friends after the rehearsal. A true BBQ was catered by Jr’s No.19 of Pine River, MN. Their fabulous cheese cake stole the show.

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

The bride was “practicing” wearing her wedding shoes on Friday night to try to “break them in”. (My heritage is that my family used to have a shoe store so I had an antique shoe stretcher which I brought on Saturday and in Jessica’s words “made the shoes perfect”). Jessica and Derek decided to have a private “first look” prior to the pictures and ceremony on Saturday. The couple could not have been more in love than at that moment. The wedding was held in the garden with their closest family and friends present to witness their I DO’s. The reception was a success starting with appetizers served by Kate of Maucieri’s Catering in the pavilion.

Jessica and Derek's
The wedding party was escorted by Clyde of Safe Ride to celebrate around Crosslake. Upon return the bridal party was introduced for the grand march in the Event Center. The energy of the couple is felt in the video of this “Grand March” (This still gives me goose bumps when I watch it! Amazing love and energy!)

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Chef Brian served the guests a fabulous Italian buffet dinner of a Caesar salad, antipasto, pasta primavera, and stuffed shells. The cupcakes were a crowd favorite. Later in the evening in a Pine Peaks’ tradition, Kate baked fresh made pizzas for the guests to replenish after dancing the night away.

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Jessica is currently in her masters for Differentiated Education at Concordia University and Derek just graduation from the program a few weeks ago. The couple recently purchased a house in Otsego, MN and plan to add a puppy and possibly baby in the next year!

We at Pine Peaks truly wish the best of luck and love to this fabulous couple and thank them for choosing Pine Peaks Retreat and Event Center to celebrate their wedding weekend. Like the tight shoes, realize that with time and just a few adjustments, life can be altered enough to be a perfect fit!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

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Alicia and Dereck’s Wedding – July 5th, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Alicia and Dereck

Alicia and her family and friends attended a Comedy Night hosted at Pine Peaks a couple of years ago and fell in love with the place. When Alicia and Dereck were engaged, they checked it out again and couldn’t believe the changes that had happened. They knew right away Pine Peaks was the venue for their wedding weekend celebration. In fact, many of the guests took extended days and stayed in the retreat house and enjoyed the 80 acre estate for the whole 4th of July Holiday weekend.

Alicia and Dereck

Alicia is from Iowa just south of the Minnesota boarder. Her family has been coming up to Outing since the early 70’s to a cabin they built which is now a treasured family property. It is worth making the five hour trek to the cabin according to Marcus, Alicia’s father, as they arrive to peace and quiet.

Alicia and Dereck

The couple loves family history and found some treasures that helped to make the Pine Peaks décor their own. Marcus put together a Roth iron stand to hold doors that he recovered from the bride’s mother Zada’s homestead. He walked his daughter through the doors of her family history and down the aisle to her new life with her groom Dereck. This gave the guests (including Julie) an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

Alicia and Dereck

Likewise, wood was recovered from an old family barn which Marcus used to make a custom wagon. The ring bearer pulled the three flower girls down the aisle in this wagon. Some of the same barn wood was dried and used in the centerpieces in the Event Center. What a great way to add family history to the décor.

Alicia and Dereck

It was a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony in the garden. The guests were all given yellow and white sunglasses! Their choice of colors popped against the blooming green backdrop of the garden. A chandelier was hung in the arbor beside the couple as they recited their vows in front of family and friends. They poured three colors of sand for the Unity Sand Ceremony, one for the bride, one for the groom and one for their daughter, Zaelee to signify the union of their family. The sand and their lives will never be separated. They also wrote love letters to each other and placed them in a Wine Box to be opened on their first anniversary. (I bet there will be fireworks!)

Alicia and Dereck
Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering served a fabulous buffet of salad with strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette, Sicilian green beans with hollandaise sauce on the side, three cheese au gratin potatoes, slow roasted beef with red wine mushroom sauce and maple leaf chicken. The guests were then treated to Strawberry Short Cake with made from scratch Angel food cake and strawberry sauce and whipped cream! (One of Julie’s grandma’s favorite treats! Very delightful!) Instead of a dance, the guests played games in the yard along with Bingo and cards in the pavilion where they served fresh popcorn. Also, continuing a Pine Peaks tradition, Kate from Maucieri’s Catering baked fresh pizzas in the wood fired oven.

Alicia and Dereck

We wish Alicia, Dereck and beautiful Zaelee the best and thank them for sharing their wedding weekend at Pine Peaks. May you always find joy and love in each other and always find “comedy” in life! Oh, and a little fireworks never hurt either!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

To see their full Wedding album visit:

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Tara and Thomas’ Wedding – June 21st, 2014

Posted on by davepeterson

Tara and Thomas Wedding

Thomas and Tara had their first date on July 1, 2009 and he asked her to be his girlfriend (so cute) on July 9th of 2009. Tom proposed June 13, 2013 and succeeded in catching her off guard. He didn’t want her to have ANY idea that he was going to propose. One night as they were going out the door he was looking around the house and asked her to sit and wait for him. She did. He came up to her, got down on one knee and proposed! SHE SAID YES!

Tara and Thomas

Tara and Thomas are from International Falls, MN. She found Pine Peaks Event Center by doing research and found that Dave responded the quickest, sent pictures, answered questions and was wonderful. After touring the place it was pretty obvious that Pine Peaks would make their day special, pay attention to detail and not treat them like just another wedding.

Tara and Thomas

What Tara and Thomas really liked about Pine Peaks was that the whole place was theirs. It was totally private with only one wedding each weekend. Many family and friends enjoyed staying at the Retreat House right on the property. Many other guests stayed at Pine Peaks Inn in Crosslake, MN and utilized the shuttle service from the hotel to the Event Center.

Tara and Thomas

Tara worked with a fabulous wedding planner Stacy from Simplystacy to plan and deliver the stunning outdoor wedding and reception. Stacy and her mom worked well as a team of two and handled every detail! They live in Walker, MN and loved working with the Pine Peaks team. Stacy added some “bling” from Julie’s decoration room to finish the décor.

Tara and Thomas

The bride Tara and Stacy worked out every detail. Stacy came in and created their dream wedding by providing purple satin table runners and fabulous table decorations complete with candles and fresh flower arrangements. They even made the cake and cupcakes which were a big hit with the guests! Stacy does decorations, flowers and cakes! She took care of everything with great attention to detail.

Tara and Thomas

The June afternoon was perfect for an outdoor wedding in the garden with bright blue skies dusted with a few clouds. The gardens were in full bloom and the grass looked like a golf course! Stacy added many candles and flower arrangements to compliment the outdoor garden.

Tara and Thomas

The cocktail reception was held outdoors with tall cocktail tables in the yard as well as in the pavilion. Kate with Maucieri’s Catering provided appetizers for the afternoon event. Guests enjoyed bruschetta, veggies and a fruit platter.

Tara and Thomas

The happy couple decided on a Regal setting for the reception inside the Event Center which put them right in the middle of their family and friends. They certainly were in the center of the show. This placed them front and center for the first dance!

Tara and Thomas

Chef Brian of Maucieri’s and his team delighted the guests with a fabulous buffet dinner starting with a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, green beans almandine, garlic mashed potatoes, and slow roasted beef and grilled tilapia with fresh strawberry salsa.
Later in the evening Kate treated the guests with a Pine Peaks tradition of fresh pizzas baked in the wood fired oven. S’mores were enjoyed at the fire pit and the guests danced the night away.

Tara and Thomas

We wish Tara and Thomas the best of everything in their new life as husband and wife! We thank them for choosing Pine Peaks for their destination wedding weekend.

-Dave and Julie Peterson

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