Ear Kandi, now known as $timulu$ Package, was founded as a small house band at Izaty’s Resort in Onamia, MN. Lead singer, Lisa Johnson, was the entertainment director of the resort at the time. Ear Kandi started out as just Lisa and her brother for about 6 years. Then in 2003, the duo put an ad in the Mille Lacs Messenger newspaper which resulted in two new members. The group started off low-key by playing for small events, like town festivals.

Ear Kandi took a break due to Lisa giving birth to a beautiful baby before regrouping in 2009 and changing their name to $timulu$ Package. The band excelled greatly at weddings and specialty events by letting their customers pick out their favorite songs. In 2010, $timulu$ Package played at a few club gigs and weddings, but not many. Eventually, they doubled their gigs and have continued to do well.

When Lisa’s brother left $timulu$ Package, they were fortunate to find a new bass, keyboard, and fiddle player. Having endless amounts of energy coming from five people makes every wedding and event they play come to life. The variety of instruments used by $timulu$ Package makes its very easy to market to weddings.

Meet the Band Members:



Lisa Johnson: Singer/rhythm guitar/percussion
You think Will Ferrell can rock the cowbell, well you better watch out for Lisa! When she’s got her “More Cowbell” tee shirt on, the crowd goes wild!

Mike “Thune”: Guitar/vocals

“Billy Base on the Bass Mark”: Bass/vocals

Jorge Martini: Singer/keys/fiddle
Jorge is a very talented writer. He has written 85 original pieces.

Mikey: Drums
He doesn’t have your average set of drums, Mikey’s got a rotating platform drum stage that used to below to Prince!

$timulu$ Package has an never ending list of cover songs. They live up to their motto, “classic to rockin’ country and everything in between.” More often than not, couples will introduce them to new songs that stay on their set list. Some of the most common music they play are:

  • Medleys(2 to 3 songs that are broken down into segments)
  • Friends in Low Places/Achy Breaky Heart medley
  • Country mashups
  • Play that Funky Music/BrickHouse/Rollercoaster of Love
  • “At Last” is one of Lisa’s favorite song to sing and people LOVE to slow dance to it.
  • Hokey Pokey and Polka music

$timulu$ Package met Dave and Julie through a bride and groom. This bride had remembered hearing the band at her coworker’s wedding and knew $timulu$ Package was the perfect band to make her wedding day memorable. When they performed at Pine Peaks, Dave was extremely satisfied with what the band had to offer. Dave and Julie were very accommodating to the band, especially since they are from out of town.

After hearing the band’s performance, Dave asked them to be a preferred vendor of Pine Peaks. They have such a great relationship and are more than willing to work with each other’s busy schedules. The combination of services Pine Peaks and $timuml$ Package each have to offer to make for a perfect opportunity and atmosphere for the perfect event. We look forward to working with this amazing band at future events at Pine Peaks!

If you want $timulu$ Package to perform at your wedding or special event, contact them here.

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