We know you want your wedding to be unique, entertaining, and unforgettable. At Pine Peaks, we did some of the work for you and scoped out a few of the top wedding trends for 2014 that are being buzzed about right now.

Our passion is making your dream a reality while easing the unavoidable stresses of the “big day”

 1. Gatsby themed wedding

The roaring 20s are back! The dapper and suave Gatsby theme kept growing in popularity. It’s fun and can add a different mood to your wedding and the Gatsby-inspired gowns are absolutely breathtaking! It’s all quite romantic.

  • Centerpieces are elegant with crystals and feathers.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes can be put places around the wedding reception or on invitations.
  • Bridesmaids are embracing the flapper look with a variety of different colors.
  • Feathers, pearls, and diamonds are all part of the theme.
  • Add champagne to get even more fancy.gatsby theme

2. Wedding colors

Put your own twist to these top wedding color trends of 2014.

  • Navy Blue
  • Light shades of pink
  • Gray
  • Neutral
  • Aquanavy blue wedding

3. Dramatic backs for wedding dresses

Add your own unique style to your wedding dress with an exotic back.

dramatic wedding back

4. Rustic-Modern Barn wedding theme

This theme has been popular this past year and continues to be a favorite among brides. Bring on the cowboy boots, wheat, and rustic decor! Many brides are becoming inspired by a natural and simple theme.

5. Floral crowns for the bride and flower girls

Add it to your veil or keep it simple, without the veil. Brides love the bright colors of flower crowns. Pick your favorite flowers to add the perfect touch to your walk down the aisle.


Get inspired by other brides and find what themes and styles speak to you. We can help you at every point of your wedding planning process! To learn more about what we offer and for available weekends, click here.

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