Attending a Wedding Expo can be a very fun, but potentially very overwhelming time. Here a few tips to maximize your experience & limit the amount of stress and


1. Research the Expo: There will be TONS of information available about schedules, prizes, & who will be attending. Figure out a plan ahead of time.

2. Pre-Registration: Not all expos do this, but many have begun pre-registering. However, if your wedding expo does this, it will allow for shorter lines, special promotions, and first access to your favorite vendors.

3. Prize Registration: If you’re really serious about winning some great stuff, skip all the writing and print out adhesive address labels or wedding (business) cards. Be sure to include the basics like your name & your fiance’s name, mailing address, email address, wedding website & wedding date.

4. Organize: Don’t just throw all your new & valuable information into a bag. Bring a binder or collapsible file folder to help separate your documents.

5. Take Notes & Follow-Up: Take notes & pictures, review information, & schedule follow-up appointments with vendors that you’re interested in for after the show.


These tips will help keep your wedding planning process fun and stress-free!




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