Alyssa and Ben met at Centennial Middle School and became good friends their senior year of high school.  They had created this joking relationship of being each other’s novio and novia. (Spanish for boyfriend/girlfriend.) Little did we know that this fun relationship would soon turn into something real and amazing! 2014-10-17 21.54.22 Alyssa and Ben officially started dating late in the summer before they left for college in 2005. Ben went to 2014-10-17 22.06.34 After time apart, Ben finished his BA at 2014-10-18 00.28.25 It was planned that they would meet for Happy Hour at 2014-10-17 22.19.14 Gilbert did not make it easy on Alyssa as he was a moving target with a ring box tied on his collar! After Alyssa finally got the ring box untied, she opened it to find it was empty! It was then that Ben asked her to marry him!  SHE SAID YES!! 2014-10-17 22.53.27 Alyssa and Ben chose 2014-10-18 01.38.33 The day was perfect! A crisp Minnesota October day with a clear blue sky and a touch of fall colors everywhere. The couple had a romantic “First Look” alone at the alter in the garden before the ceremony. Their buddy Gilbert was there to share in the joy of their day! Many pictures were taken before the ceremony to capture the memories of the day. 2014-10-17 21.58.42 Family and friends came from near and far to witness the vows of this lovely couple. The beautiful ceremony was held in the Garden. The happy couple said “I Do!” and the celebration began in the Event Center! Alyssa and Ben had been busy creating a Woods/Fishing/Cabin décor and the guests were delighted with their unique decorations. Many snacks were provided in the Pavilion for the social hour. JP of 2014-10-18 01.51.10 Dave announced the menu chosen by the couple and after some kisses for the crowd, Kate from 2014-10-18 03.24.04 As a special treat to the guests, pies from 2014-10-18 02.56.02 The first dance to one of their favorite songs was enjoyed by the happy couple. Then the Father of the Bride and Alyssa had their dance. Fishing poles in hand, daddy led his daughter to the dance floor. In case some of the crowd missed the words, there were props to bring the message home – “fishin”, “Memories a biggin” and “livin,”and they danced the night away. 2014-10-18 03.01.30   We wish Alyssa and Ben the best of luck and love in their journey together as husband and wife. May you always bait each other’s hook and know that you have found a catch of a lifetime! Enjoy the ride! 2014-10-17 22.18.48 – Dave and Julie Peterson See the rest of their Facebook Photo Album here.

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