Ever dream about having the kind of  wedding that you and your guests will remember forever? Then it’s time to think about having a brunch wedding! Brunch weddings are a trendy and less expensive way to create that one of a kind day for both you and your guests. Here are some reasons why brunch is the way to go:

Budget Friendly

There is more flexibility in the food you serve at your brunch wedding, meaning you can usually opt for a cheaper choice. Breakfast food tends to be an inexpensive way to feed a great quantity of people.You can also save money on decorations with a simple and chic style. DIY decorations are also great for this kind of wedding, making it a fun way to design your perfect wedding and save money all in one.

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Style is Limitless

With a brunch wedding there is not much pressure for you or your guests. You can dress up or you can dress down creating a relaxed and fun environment. The style or theme of your wedding is limitless as well. Colors are good when it comes to a brunch wedding so don’t be afraid to show off your personality.

Great Variety of Food

Really, who doesn’t love brunch? Pancakes, waffles, muffins, BACON? The possibilities are endless! You can have a variety of breakfast foods and lunch food to cater to everyone’s taste and, like we mentioned before, brunch is going to be a lot cheaper than that three-course meal everyone expects for dinner.

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This could be your one and only reason to have a brunch wedding. Set up a mimosa bar with a variety of juices and champagne so your guests can mix and match whichever flavors they would like. If you want to go a bit more extravagant, try setting up a bloody mary bar with all the fixings!

Perfect for Morning People

If you are a morning person, brunch is the best time to have your wedding. It is when you will have the most energy and you don’t have to worry about staying awake and entertaining your guests well into the late hours of the night.

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More activities for Guests

Brunch can be a great way to get your guest more involved. At a nighttime reception, the most you can really do is dance and socialize. During the day you can set up different lawn games for your guests to play, dance, and also create a great and unique social atmosphere with lawn furniture spread about. This caters to all of your guests needs and can make a really fun environment for everyone!

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Your wedding day will be special and memorable despite the time of day, but if you want to try something new and exciting to change things up, brunch is the way to go! For more wedding inspiration, visit our Pinterest page.


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