Tyler took the time to write this blog about his wedding at Pine Peaks. Here is their love story:

Emma and I met about 8 or 9 years ago when we both started attending Brainerd High School. We had the same group of friends, but never actually talked or hung out together. After graduating high school, Emma went to St. Thomas University in St. Paul and I went to Fargo to attend NDSU. It was at NDSU that I became close with one of Emma’s best friends from high school, Lexie. During our first year at college, Emma and I started talking during her visits to NDSU to see Lexie. It was the summer after our freshman year of college when we both moved back to Brainerd for the summer that we really started to date. Emma always said she saw me as “just a friend” but finally my great looks and charm convinced her to start a new kind of relationship with me.

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It was the smooth transition from “just friends” to dating that really let me know we had something special together. We already knew a good bit about each other and never had to hide anything from one another. We truly were not just a typical boyfriend/girlfriend couple, she was my best friend, and I was hers.

2015-06-05 20.15.22We had been dating for just over 3 years when I decided that I was ready to propose to Emma. It was Labor Day weekend and I was home visiting family while Emma had to stay in Fargo for work. At lunch on that Monday, I told my parents that I wanted to marry Emma. They both smiled and said they knew that was coming. After lunch I went to ask Emma’s parents for their blessing. Ron was up in the boundary waters and unreachable, but Donna said she spoke for them both of them when she told me that she was excited for me to join the family. I went and bought the ring that afternoon in Brainerd, and then drove back to Fargo.

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That night I took Emma out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We ordered some food and a bottle of wine and enjoyed what I told her was a late anniversary dinner. We finished eating and drove back to our apartment where I finally worked up the courage to ask her to be my wife. After questioning me if I was serious or not about 5 times she finally said yes!

2015-06-06 04.14.02We started slowly planning our wedding from that point on. That fall we started looking at venues to get married at when Emma’s mom, Donna, came across a place called Pine Peaks. We went and toured the venue and immediately knew that was the place we wanted to get married.

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Not only was it beautiful, but we had heard nothing but great things from previous couples that got married at Pine Peaks that Dave and Julie and their staff were very friendly, accommodating, and amazing people to work with. They did not come up short.

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Our wedding, just like all weddings, had a few challenges that we had to overcome. This
was difficult, especially considering we had 220 guests, and an additional 100 guests joining us after the reception dinner. Dave and Julie and the Pine Peaks staff were great. They went out of their way to make sure our day was how we always dreamed it to be.

2015-06-06 00.45.48

Emma and I had our hearts set on getting married outdoors in the garden. This proved to be more difficult than we thought when it started raining. We decided not to let a little rain ruin our dreams of our big day and to go through with our ceremony outdoors. Dave and Julie made sure to do their best to keep our guests comfortable by supplying umbrellas and made sure that Emma and I were happy and had everything we needed for a wet wedding. Julie even stayed out in the rain snapping pictures for us and we are so thankful to have those memories.

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The rest of the night went very smooth. The food (catered by Maucieri’s) was amazing. We had many guests come to tell us that they had the best chicken in their life that night. The DJ recommended by Dave and Julie, JP Premiere, was also amazing. He played the songs we wanted and kept the dance floor busy all night. He also did a great job playing our ceremony music for us in the rain, which actually damaged some of his equipment. That, to me, shows how much the staff at Pine Peaks cares about your day. They will sacrifice themselves, and their equipment, for your special day.

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Our wedding did not go exactly how we wanted it to, or how we envisioned it. With that said, there is not one thing Emma or I would change about our day. We are able to look back now and laugh at all the small issues, they just become funny memories that makes our day unique. The most important thing is that we said “I do” and our friends and family were there to witness that.

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I want to give a huge thank you to Dave and Julie, their staff, Maucieri’s, JP Premiere, and everyone else that helped us to make our day so great. We love you for that and wish you all the best!

– Tyler

2015-06-05 23.38.30

We, at Pine Peaks, were so honored to share in the glorious wedding of Emma and Tyler. I had the opportunity to take some candid photos and captured some timeless memories for all who attended. Emma had the brightest smile under her white umbrella as the rain came down. She was about to walk down the aisle to the rest of her life with her best friend. I was captured in the moment and just could not put my camera down! I had given out all of our umbrellas and decided to continue taking photos. When my lens started getting wet, I borrowed an umbrella from a guest who graciously shared hers with me. Then another guest ran to hold the umbrella for me to make sure I got the photos. Everyone understood that we needed to capture these memories for Emma and Tyler!

Dave and I wish you the best of luck and love in your lives together as husband and wife. Be happy and enjoy the special bond you two have.

View their Facebook Photo Album here.

– Julie Nyland Peterson

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