We get a lot of questions about our wedding venue, so we’ve taken some time to answer the most frequent ones here.

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Venue Questions

What is Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center?
  • We are a Private Country Estate six miles from downtown Crosslake, MN.
  • We are located on the site of a historic 80-acre dairy farm.
  • We have a large Lodge onsite that we call our Retreat House, which can house the entire wedding party (20-25) for a minimum three-day Wedding Event that would include an onsite Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Reception and more.
  • Our onsite Event Center contains a Reception Hall, Fireside Room with a fireplace and Wood Fired Pizza Oven, a complete Refreshment Bar, and Catering Prep Kitchen.
  • We have additional onsite amenities such as a large fire-pit and a wood-fired sauna.
  • We are associated with Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites in downtown Crosslake and can promise you a 28 room block for your wedding guests.  
Is Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center licensed, insured and approved to host weddings and events?
  • The Minnesota State Health Department licensed us for Hotel/Motel, Restaurant and place of Refreshment.
  • We are approved by our Township, County, and State as a Wedding Venue-Event Center.
  • We are also insured for liability and host insurance.
Do you provide Cancellation Insurance for each Event or Wedding?
  • We may be the only wedding venue in the state of Minnesota that not only offers cancellation insurance but pays for this insurance as well. Ask us for the details!
  • We provide all of the necessary liability insurance as well.
Is the Event Center Reception Hall climate controlled?
  • The entire Event Center/Reception Hall is climate controlled.
Is the Event Center/Reception Hall Wheel Chair Accessible?
  • Yes, we are fully accessible to people with limited mobility. Our associate hotel Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites is also wheelchair accessible for lodging.
Are Pets Allowed?
  • The Bride and Groom are allowed to bring their pet (dog) for the weekend but we ask that they provide a kennel for the pet. We ask when taken outside the pet is leashed at all times.  Pets are not allowed in the Event Center/Reception Hall.  No other pets are allowed.
Are tables and chairs included?
  • We have chairs and five-foot round tables, six and eight-foot banquet and 42” high cocktail tables to choose from.
  • Linens and table skirting in three colors white, ivory, and black for all Events including the Rehearsal Dinner
  • We have chair covers available in three colors white, ivory, and black
  • Chair sashes and table runners in 24 colors of Organza material. We provide you with a sample chart.
Do you provide any decorations for the Reception?
  • That is one of the many benefits of booking with Pine Peaks for your wedding. We have an abundant variety of decorations that are free for you to use.  Why buy expensive decorations that you will use one time when we have everything that you need?  Check out our reception pictures on our website as 90% of the decorations used belong to Pine Peaks.  You do not need to pay for an “upgraded package” to use our decorations.
Can we set up and decorate before the Wedding?
  • Yes, you can begin decorating as early as Thursday morning after check-in.
  • We do not book multiple weddings on one weekend. We want you and your wedding to be special and not feel rushed
Do you allow real candles in the Event Center/Reception Hall?
  • Yes we do, and please remember that we are not a wooden barn and all of our wall and ceiling draping is fire retardant and resistant.
  • We furnish 10-12 hour unscented white votive candles.
  • You may burn candles inside glass containers, including pillar candles.
  • We have hundreds of glass votives and glass cylinders for 4”, 6”, 9” pillar candles.
  • If you prefer, we have hundreds of battery candles available for you to use.
How many weddings can Pine Peaks host at a time and will we feel rushed on our wedding day
  • Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center books only one wedding per weekend.
  • Many other wedding venues book weddings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for 16 hours per wedding and your day will feel rushed.
  • We feel your Wedding is the defining moment of your new lives together and in most cultures, these moments are meant to be a multi-day planned celebration. Now they can be at Pine Peaks.
  • Host your own Friday night Rehearsal Dinner, a Saturday brunch for the Wedding Party before the Ceremony and the Reception. Sunday could be an intimate gift opening ceremony with friends and family in attendance. This time should be the culmination of the happiest day so far in your lives together.
  • We offer a three-day minimum with one or two extra days free of charge, depending on the date.
How many wedding guests can Pine Peaks accommodate?
  • The Main Banquet room at Pine Peaks can accommodate up to 225 guests for a seated dinner.
  • The Main Banquet room and our connected Pavilion together can accommodate over 300 guests for a seated dinner.
  • The indoor Fireside Room can accommodate over 40 guests for a Rehearsal Dinner.
  • The Pavilion can accommodate up to 100 guests for a Rehearsal Dinner.
Does Pine Peaks offer onsite ceremonies?
  • Pine Peaks has several beautiful outdoor ceremony locations on our beautifully manicured grounds. Location choices include next to our waterfall, stream, and koi pond for over 300 guests and in the middle of our 40-acre cornfield should you want your wedding ceremony to be there.
  • Our Pavilion is Plan B for inclement weather and a beautiful inside ceremony location for late fall through early spring.
  • We also have several options for Church Ceremonies in the area.
Do you supply decorations for an onsite ceremony?
  • We have several choices for a wedding arch. Currently One arch is a Rustic Metal design, and one is a beautiful Birch Wedding Arch. 
  • We have more Wedding Arches planned.
  • We have many options for outdoor decorations that are free of charge for you to use.
Do you supply a Public Address System or music for an onsite ceremony?
  • We have a Rack Rail server cabinet on wheels equipped with a Behringer mixer, a receiver with four wireless microphones for your Officiant, reading, vocals, and vows. We use Behringer speakers, and best of all our Operations Manager Cory Sargent, will set up and run the system for your Wedding Ceremony. Give Cory your music choices when you arrive on Thursday, and we handle the rest. 
  • Our preferred DJ vendors can provide for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception.
Do you provide Wedding Ceremony Chairs?
  • Yes, they are padded white resin chairs meant to sit on the grass and are comfortable for your guests.
  • We set up and take down the ceremony chairs.
What if it rains on the day of my wedding?
  • We have a backup plan in place for inclement weather with our covered and open Pavilion with heat and fans if necessary.
  • We have over 100 White Umbrellas for light rain.
  • We have an inside the Reception Hall Stage option for Wedding Ceremonies.
Where do we hold our Wedding Ceremony during the winter months?
  • The open Pavilion converts to an enclosed heated tent walled pavilion.
  • Check out our website for pictures of beautiful winter indoor ceremonies.
  • Our inside the Reception Hall Stage option works as well.
What if we chose to have our Wedding Ceremony in a nearby Church?
  • We have numerous contacts with nearby churches for your wedding ceremony and can help facilitate this.
  • We provide a deduction of up to $500 should you chose to have a church ceremony.
Do you provide any decorations for the Reception?
  • That is one of the many benefits of booking with Pine Peaks for your wedding. Our Treasure Chest has a huge selection and a wide variety of decorations that are free for you to use.  Why buy expensive decorations that you will use only one time when we have everything that you need? Check out our reception pictures online as 90% of the decorations used belong to Pine Peaks.  You do not need to pay for an “upgraded package” to use our decorations
What size tables are set up for the Reception and Rehearsal Dinner?
  • We primarily use five foot round tables that seat eight guests and three foot round tables that seat four guests.
  • We also have eight-foot banquet tables and 42” high cocktail tables.   
Do you provide a Head Table for the Wedding Party?
  • Yes, we do, and our Head table is on a custom elevated 50 foot long stage with black skirting.
  • We can expand and contract the Head Table and stage for just the Bride and Groom or up to 26 of the wedding party. We provide draping, skirting, and special lighting as well. 
Do you provide a projector and screen for a photo montage or slideshow?
  • Our Audio Video system is state of the art.
  • We have a 180” electronic drop-down projector screen with a ceiling mounted projector.
  • We can play your slideshow from a DVD or flash drive in our DVD player or our computer. We have input jacks for your laptop computer, iPad, iPhone or Android. 
  • We offer an Instagram Hashtag Slide Show as well. Choose a #hashtag, instruct your guests to take photos of your Ceremony and Reception and tag their photos with your #hashtag on Instagram, and your photos will magically appear on the big screen all night. 
  • 315 channels of DirectV for viewing while decorationg as well.
What about noise restrictions and the hour limit on our Special Event?
  • There are no noise restrictions as we are a Private Country Estate over ½ mile from our closest neighbors. We are surrounded by woods, cornfield and nature.
  • There is no hour limit to your Wedding Event as we are not a reception hall within a hotel or lodge and there are no other guests to disturb. Your Event is private to you and the guests of your choice.
What about Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns, and Sparklers?
  • We really don’t like to say no, but for safety, insurance, and legal reasons we do not permit the use of Fireworks of any kind. This includes sparklers.
What time do we have to clean up at the end of the Wedding Reception?
  • Here at Pine Peaks we have our staff clean up Sunday morning while you are sleeping in, enjoying brunch with friends and family and during your Gift Opening Ceremony at the Retreat House. We set your items or decorations aside for you to pick up when you depart on Sunday or Monday. 
What about onsite parking and shuttle service to get back to Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites for our guests?
  • We have onsite parking for up to 275 vehicles.
  • There is an optional shuttle service in the area, and we can help you arrange for that with multiple choices for a shuttle, School bus or a Motor coach from Reichart Bus Service.
  • We have room for many Motorhomes/campers/RV’s should you have guests that want to stay onsite.
  • During the Spring/Summer/Fall months we allow tent camping as well.
  • Bathroom and Showers are provided near the camping area.

Food & Beverage Questions

How does the Food and Beverage work at Pine Peaks?
  • Maucieri’s Catering is our licensed vendor partner for the Reception Bar (open after the Ceremony) and the Reception food on Saturday.
  • Maucieri’s closes the bar at midnight, and you are free to party on with a DIY (Do it yourself) bar.
  • For all other days and celebrations, you are on your own and you have many choices. For the Rehearsal dinner, you can use the Caterer of your choice or cook yourself using our Gourmet kitchen in the Retreat House and our two new gas grills.  You can provide your beverages for those times. Choose a different caterer or DIY.
Who is Maucieri’s Catering?
  • Maucieri’s Catering is a division of Maucieri’s Italian Bistro, Bar and Deli in Crosslake.
  • The Maucieri Family has been in the Restaurant and Catering business for many years.
  • They are one of the triad of businesses that make up our incredible wedding venue. The business triad is made up of Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center, Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites and Maucieri’s catering. 
  • Chef Dewey of Maucieri’s catering division is a very accomplished Chef with over 30 years of cooking experience and has taken classes at the American Culinary Institute in New York.
  • Maucieri’s Catering has invested in Maucieri’s Bar at Pine Peaks and Maucieri’s Kitchen at Pine Peaks to make your special wedding event as complete as possible.
  • Maucieri’s Catering has won many awards for wedding catering from The Knot, and Wedding Wire
What is all included in our Catering costs?
  • A special tasting session at Maucieri’s Restaurant in the private dining room for you and four other guests, for a total of six, parents are always a good choice.
  • Pre-select from several entrees and let Maucieri’s impress you.
  • The use of Fine China, silverware and Stemware.
  • Maucieri’s incredible waitstaff to set the tables, keep tables clean and to clear the dance floor if necessary after the reception dinner.
Does Maucieri’s Catering have food and Beverage Revenue Minimum?
  • They do not have food and beverage minimum for our Wedding Receptions. It is anticipated that you will serve your guests Heavy Hors d’oeuvres or a meal, but there is no minimum dollar food requirement.
Does Maucieri’s Catering have a cake cutting fee?
  • No, they will cut your cake and serve it from the cake table that is draped and skirted with special lighting.
Can we supply our Desserts or do we have to go through a licensed caterer?
  • You can provide your Desserts, candy, nuts, and Cake.
  • You do not need to go through a licensed baker or caterer for your Desserts or Wedding Cake.
Does Maucieri’s Catering provide options besides just a cash bar?
  • Yes, they have other options such as you providing keg beer for your guests free of charge to them.
What about late night snacks for our Wedding guests?
  • Maucieri’s Catering will provide ten complimentary freshly made pizzas to be baked in Pine Peaks Wood Fired Pizza Oven after 10: PM. Your guests will be hungry again from dancing and partying!  Additional pizzas are available for a nominal cost.

Lodging Questions

Tell us about the Retreat House Lodging for the Bride and Groom and Wedding Party/close friends and family.
  • The Retreat House is a 5000 square foot log cabin styled lodge with an up north décor.
  • The capacity is for 20 plus guests.
  • Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites manage the Retreat House. They furnish all towels, linens, bedding, and toiletries and clean the house after you depart.
  • The Master Suite has a king size bed, with a see-through gas fireplace looking into the double vanity, double shower and a room with a professional two-chair hair and makeup salon.
  • There are Five bedrooms and four bathrooms with showers.
  • A loft with four beds,
  • Downstairs has
    • Two of the five bedrooms with twin beds
    • Recreational room with a bar and pool table.
    • Gym with Precor cardio equipment.
    • Laundry room with a washer and dryer, an extra refrigerator, irons, ironing boards, and four rollaway beds 
    • There is also a firepit and a wood-fired sauna for the enjoyment of the wedding party.
Do you offer a room block for lodging at Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites?
  • Yes, when you book your wedding at Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center, you can block up to 28 rooms at Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites for the guests at your wedding. There is no cost to block rooms at our Hotel, and we will remind you 60 days before your wedding before we release any rooms to the public. 
  • There are a total of 150 rooms within a fifteen-mile radius around Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center. Hotels in Pine River, Pequot Lakes, Manhattan Beach, and Crosslake.
  • Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center offers on-site Motorhome/RV camping with full hookups at no charge.
  • You can also go to VRBO, Home to Go or Airbnb to rent dozens of homes in the area. And check out our website under Additional Lodging Options.
Do you offer a discount on lodging?
  • Yes, every wedding guest staying at Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites receives a 10% discount on their lodging based on the seasonal rates.
  • Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites has 38 rooms and suites varying from standard rooms to specialty whirlpool and king suites.
  • Your guests will receive free breakfast in the morning at Pine Peaks Restaurant next door to the hotel. Although we do not own the Restaurant or the Hotel, all the owners are good friends.

Wedding Vendor Questions

Can we use the wedding vendors of our choice?
  • Yes, you can use the vendors of your choice except Maucieri’s Catering for the Reception Feast and the bar until midnight. All of our suggested Vendors are listed on our website.
Can you recommend a member of the clergy or a justice of the peace for our wedding ceremony?
Do you recommend any other vendors in the area?
  • Yes, we have a full list of all the best vendors in the area from bakers, photographers, bridal shops, florists and DJ services. They are on our website and are “Tried-and-True” wedding vendors to make your special day go as perfect as you planned it.
Do you have someone who will help coordinate our Ceremony and Wedding Reception.?
  • Yes, Cory Sargent is our Operations Manager and will consult with you each day you are there. Cory will set up for your on-site Rehearsal dinner on Friday and arrives at 10: AM on Saturday and stay until midnight to attend to your needs. 
  • Dave and Julie will spend much time there on the days before your wedding and the day of the wedding. In the rare event, Dave and Julie take time off, their associate Lynn Raph will be there to help on Saturday.
  • Jean from Maucieri’s Catering will guide you through the menu selection and all of the details of your Reception Dinner at your tasting session and arrive Friday to set tables for your Reception.
  • You will appreciate the Maucieri’s waitstaff and how hard they work to ensure your wedding reception goes as planned.

Miscellaneous Questions

Do you insist on security during the Wedding Reception
  • Our Operations Manager Cory, will be on-site the day of your wedding from 10: AM to Midnight. We do not require special security.  You do not pay for any security.
Do you spray for mosquitos and ticks?
  • Yes, we use Mosquito Squad during the mosquito and tick season.
  • They spray every Thursday to ensure your Event will be pest free.
How do I get pricing?
  • After reading this FAQ page and viewing our website details, please email (contact page) daveandjulie@pinepeakseventcenter.com or call Dave at 612-986-6800. He will answer the phone all day and evening, and if it goes to voicemail, he will return your call immediately. 
Do you have discounts for off-peak dates?
  • Yes, Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center is very affordable for off-peak wedding dates, and our winter weddings book quickly.
  • Our peak season is June through September
  • Our Off-peak season is the months of October and May.
  • Our winter season is November through April.
  • Check out the website for special catering allowances for December, January, February, and those months book very quickly.
How can I set up a tour to see Pine Peaks
  • Call or email Dave and Julie to set up a tour. The best time to tour is Saturday AM with tour times set every 90 minutes starting at 8:30 AM, 10: AM. 11: 30 AM and the last tour is at 1: PM.  You can see the venue completely decorated and set up for a wedding while the wedding party is out getting ready or taking photos.  Tours are available on almost all other days as well.  Call Dave at 612 986-6800
How do I reserve the date for my wedding?
  • That is the easiest part. With a minimum down payment of $3,000 and periodic payments up to 10 days before your wedding.
  • We provide additional discounts for larger down payments.
  • We gladly accept checks, cash or credit cards.
Awards & Certificates

Pine Peaks has been awarded six years in a row, the top awards in the Wedding Industry for Customer Satisfaction. 

  • THE KNOT – Best of Weddings for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Wedding Wire – Brides Choice Award for 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

We are one of the highest rated Wedding Venus in the Upper Midwest based on the number of our FIVE STAR Reviews on The KnotWedding Wire, and Google for business.  

“While other Wedding Venues are collecting dust, Pine Peaks Wedding and Event Center is collecting awards.”

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