“Jesse & Alesha Bates have been together for seven wonderful years. This past weekend, the two were able to take the next step and commit to one another as husband and wife. While clouds filled the sky early in the day, the weather cleared to a beautiful sunny day just in time for their ceremony.

The two of them met through mutual friends and there was an instant connection between the two. As they continued to get to know each other, they found out that they both shared passions for boating, ice fishing, shopping and watching movies. They currently live with their dog, Vivian. Their friends and family consider them the perfect couple. They looked pretty perfect to us, as well.

Jesse & Alesha were blessed to enjoy their wedding at Pine Peaks Retreat & Event Center. They chose Pine Peaks because they wanted a “Getaway Wedding” and that is exactly what they got. This destination offered them a place to enjoy their time and moments together while also sharing the experience with their family, friends, and loved ones. The scenic backdrops and beautifully landscaped grounds helped set the private and romantic mood of the event.

Personal touches filled the reception hall as Jesse, Alesha and the rest of their family and friends created all of the decorations used. Each table had a very special and unique look that gave each and every one of their guests their own experience.

For dinner, Jesse & Alesha treated their guests to a delicious buffet catered by Maucieri’s Italian Restaurant. The food consisted of caesar salad, mixed vegetables, baby reds, stuffed chicken, and pork prime rib. The guests loved the food so much that many went back for more. Well, at least the ones that didn’t get full off their first plate! Dessert followed dinner and each guest was offered his or her choice of pie or cake.

As if that wasn’t enough food already, Maucieri’s kept with tradition and cooked pizzas in the wood fired oven later in the evening. This offered everyone some more energy to continue dancing into the night.

We would like to congratulate Jesse and Alesha on their new marriage! Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time helping them have a truly memorable experience.” – Mike & Cassie


Click here to view Jesse and Alesha’s wedding album.


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