Dominic and Kari met for the first time in February 2013 after her roommate (now sister-in-law) came home from Barten Family Christmas with her now husband (Dominic’s brother) saying, “you should meet Dominic!” Little did Dominic know that Kari joining the fun at Scooter’s Bar that night in February was no coincidence. It was completely planned by Kari and Kendyll so Kari could “check Dominic out” and decide if he was worth pursuing!
Lucky for Dominic, Kari was impressed and again in April 2013 Dominic’s brother invited him along for dinner and drinks and Kari just so happened to be there as well! Again, not a coincidence! After this meet up, Kari was more impressed by him and took it upon herself to get his number after he left without getting hers!
From there their relationship took off.
By spring 2014, they knew they were in this for the long haul and discussions of marriage were in abundance. Dominic, liking to keep Kari guessing, found it funny to fake proposals over the next few months, even up until the day he proposed.
He called Kari’s father after leaving the jewelry store and spoke in code so McKenzie, his daughter who was in the truck with him, didn’t catch on to what was happening. Lucky for Kari, her parents love Dominic just as much as she does!
On September 11, 2015, Dominic and Kari had planned a low-key evening at her apartment with dinner and reruns of “Friends.” After a jab about marriage by Kari, Dominic slid off the couch and proceeded to leave the living room leaving Kari with her stomach in her chest! The joke was on Kari – she should have known after the last few months of the same! He left the room for only a few minutes and when he returned he got down on one knee. Kari wasn’t sure if she should believe him right away, but quickly realized it wasn’t a joke this time! It was a perfect moment! Of course she said “YES!”
Kari and Dominic knew Pine Peaks Event Center was perfect for the celebration of their marriage. They arrived early and transformed the space into a beautiful rustic elegant décor complete with bright yellow sunflowers. Kari had a great vision for the room and brought many of her own decorations. She also enjoyed using many of Pine Peak’s decorations to complete the look.
They chose a crisp clear November day to say their “I Dos” in front of their closest family and friends at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Pequot Lakes. A record number of guests then arrived at Pine Peaks to celebrate after the ceremony with the newlyweds. Kate from Maucieri’s Catering along with Chef Brian served a fabulous wedding feast to the guests starting with a Cesar salad and house salad, green bean almandine, garlic mashed potatoes, maple leaf chicken and slow-roasted beef with mushroom demi glaze. Great job Maucieri’s! As a late night treat for the guests, Kate served fresh-baked pizzas from Pine Peak’s very own Mugnaini Wood Fired Oven.
We at Pine Peaks truly enjoyed hosting the Wedding Reception of Kari and Dominic. We wish you the best of luck and love in your future as husband and wife. Enjoy some of Julie’s photos.

Dave and Julie Nyland Peterson

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