Kate messaged Jeff, a friend from college, in January 2012 over Facebook. Jeff was in Kuwait when she asked him to set her up with the “perfect man”.  She didn’t expect him to set her up or even respond to her “I hate men” email.  However, Jeff introduced Chris to Kate via Facebook and he stole her heart with his first letter to her. She did the whole girly squeal over and over while reading it!

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They did long face book letters to each other and eventually instant messaged.  Chris sent her flowers, wrote her a book and ran 3 miles anytime he could to find a phone card and call Kate.  They eventually met in May when Chris was back in the states.  She was standing in the middle of the road and there were two cars coming towards her.  Chris pulled up and she ran to him and they hugged.  He was so tall and handsome; their fate was sealed.  Chris was a corporal in the US Army and a sniper school graduate previously deployed to the Balkans and the Middle East.

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Chris and Kate chose a crisp sunny day in January 2014 to celebrate their love at Pine Peaks.  The day was GLORIOUS from the first peaceful moments of the morning through the exchange of vows in front of family and friends in the pavilion as the sun went down. Following the ceremony a spectacular reception was held in the Event Center with the Head Table displayed in the center of the room in a “regal setting” for 24.  Family and friends filled the room.

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The best man was Chris’ brother Mike who was unable to attend the ceremony.  He is serving as a US Army Specialist and stationed in Fort Brag, North Carolina.  He surprised his brother and the crowd with a heartfelt recorded toast for the newlyweds.  He described Chris as a protective and selfless brother and promised Kate she would always have protection, love and support and was so happy they found each other.  See the awesome video on Youtube.

2014-01-18 18.18.15

Maucieri’s Catering delighted the crowd with another spectacular buffet dinner starting with fresh bread, a house salad and Antipasto.  Chef Dewey out did himself with his Grilled Chicken Marcela and Stuffed Shells featuring Tony’s famous homemade Italian sausage, fresh spinach and three cheeses, topped with gravy and baked to perfection. Jodi from Maucieri’s made one of their specialties fresh pizzas in Pine Peaks Italian Wood stove at 10:00 and they danced the night away.  The newlyweds presently reside in Fargo, ND.  For a wedding present Chris’s parents put together a special weekend in March in the cities with a hotel, dinner and a play.

2014-01-18 18.33.28

We wish Chris and Kate a successful marriage and a fabulous life together. It was an honor to host their wedding and witness their love. (Kate, you can borrow my fuzzy jacket anytime)

-Dave and Julie Peterson

To view their full wedding album visit: http://on.fb.me/1cgzEOe

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