Your wedding is a huge part of your lifelong adventure as a couple. Your ceremony should reflect your personality. We’d like to give you some extraordinary ideas to make the big day fun, unique, and practical. We’re sure you’ll find something to inspire you on that special day!

The Bouquet

Consider using brooches & beads, pearls, fancy buttons, feathers, trinkets, sea shells or even paper flowers to create your beautiful bouquet that you can cherish forever. You can tailor your bouquet to match your dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses, or any color in your theme.

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Not a flower-loving groom? That’s okay! Skip the traditional flower and try something more original, like sea shells, vintage keys or watches, a personalized button or pin, even a pinwheel for a whimsical touch! Try incorporating something that speaks to the groom’s personality (like guitar picks, shotgun shells, hops and barley, superheroes or spark plugs) and maybe dress it up!

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Unity Ceremony

Many couples are trying to put a new spin on the traditional “candle-lighting” ceremony. Mixing different colors of sand has been a common favorite, but have you ever thought of literally “tying the knot”? A couple would tie a fisherman’s knot together, which only gets tighter with pressure and cannot come undone, representing the couple’s strength. (Perfect for a nautical themed wedding!)

Bridesmaids Carry Something Other Than flowers

You can try matching clutch purses (since they’ll probably need one anyway), umbrellas or parcels for outdoor weddings, muffs for winter weddings, even small lanterns have recently become popular!

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The Wedding Pillow

There is the tried and true white satin pillow, but instead maybe try something different, like a book, a small, decorative box, a tea cup, or a piece of a hollowed-out tree branch. This again can be tailored to your theme: fall weddings could use a small pumpkin, spring weddings could use a decorative birdhouse. Other ideas include baseballs, coconuts, pinecones, anything that says something about the couple!

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Throwing Rice

Many people have been substituting something other than rice to protect birds, such as birdseed or bubbles. If you want to get even more creative try lighting sky lanterns or sparklers for night weddings, pretty confetti (maybe made from old book pages), pieces of lavender (or your favorite smelling herb), leaves, dried flower petals, or mini flags with clever sayings.

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At Pine Peaks, we do our utmost to ensure your wedding unfolds as simply and smoothly as possible. We hope these ideas sparked some creativity and we cannot wait to see what you can come up with to make your wedding uniquely you!

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