The New Year has come which means that the newest Pantone Color of the Year has taken the throne.  The newest reigning color is Radiant Orchid, which is a majestic violet and magenta color. The potential ways to use this rich color for your upcoming wedding are endless!


Imagine your bridesmaids in this lush color that are appropriate for all seasons that will make your gorgeous white dress pop in all of your wedding photos. We cannot forget about the gents that will be in the wedding as well! Accessorize them with a dashing Radiant Orchid bow tie or tie to create a complete ensemble of good-looking people.


The color purple is associated with royalty, grandeur, extravagance, and ambition, and using Radiant Orchid within your wedding will do just that. Consider utilizing this color with your floral décor. Using actual orchids, purple lilacs or sweet pea are great options for your arrangements and/or bouquets.


Wardrobe and flowers are only one part of the wedding experience, we cannot forget about decorations! Radiant Orchid can be paired with a variety of colors such as gold, light gray and/or dark blue to accent its beauty. Whether you are a purple fanatic or not, the use of this color will give your wedding a unique decadent look and feel.


There are numerous possibilities on how to use this color! We hope that our suggestions and examples have helped to jog your inspiration and creativity to make your wedding as radiant as the Pantone Color of the Year!







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