Dave and Julie are so pleased to announce that Newlyweds Tasha and John have agreed to share their newly found knowledge on how to throw the perfect wedding to help us host future weddings at Pine Peaks Event Center! They have amazing organizational skills and will help coordinate the last minute details of your wedding to help make your day perfect. Welcome to our team Tasha and John!

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This is their love story: 

It was a scorching hot day in the Nevada dessert when John proposed to Tasha. He had been nervous and she had been surprised. They were both excited to start the next chapter of their lives together. John and Tasha had been dating for nearly three years but their friendship started much earlier than that. Their story really starts ten years earlier with Tasha impatiently waiting for her new co-workers to arrive. She was 17 and anxious for her first day at her new summer job at Valleyfair Amusement Park. As she thumbed through the employee handbook, memorizing it cover to cover, the door burst open and a blue-eyed, blonde teenager announced his arrival with a gigantic, toothy smile. He was late, and proud of it! Sensing her annoyance, John tried to break the tension with jokes and eventually provoked Tasha to smile. They became close friends, although there was always a hint of something more.

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They maintained their friendship through college and into adulthood, even planning to make a cross country move together as friends. After a typical night filled with drinks and laughs, John looked at Tasha and informed her that he no longer wanted to be her friend! Tasha was startled, wondering what she had done to make him want to end such a close friendship. He elaborated. “I have cared about you for a long time and I can’t wait any more,” he explained. Tasha agreed to give John one date to show her their relationship potential. John planned a perfect date, but unfortunately it was rained out and he had no back-up plan. They greatly enjoyed their evening in the rain and Tasha introduced John to her favorite burger place. They were completely committed to improving both their friendship and their relationship from that point forward. To this day John still insists that he will never be Tasha’s friend because they are so much more than that.  As Johnny Cash wrote, “Love is friendship that caught fire”.

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John and Tasha knew they wanted a wedding up north and close to John’s family cabin. They looked at dozens of venues, but weren’t finding the original wedding site they so badly wanted. Tasha found Pine Peaks Event Center on a wedding planning website and was surprised by the overwhelming positive reviews. Upon visiting the site and getting to know Dave and Julie, they were struck by the endless possibilities for their wedding day! They were also very impressed with the phenomenal customer service and preferred vendor list. Both John and Tasha really wanted their wedding to be a celebration of friends and family. Having the venue for an entire weekend was a perfect fit. Their search for a unique wedding venue was over. John and Tasha were married at Pine Peaks Event Center during a beautiful outdoor ceremony on May 2nd, 2015.

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-Dave and Julie Peterson

See their Facebook Wedding Album here.

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