There are many fantastic vendors at Pine Peaks. In this blog, we get to know Christina of Christina Johnson Photography:

My husband and I created Christina Johnson Photography twelve years ago, specializing in natural wedding photography and videography. We create romantic wedding, beautiful family, unique high school senior, and targeted commercial images.


We capture wedding and engagement images with our hearts…and always with our clients in mind. Our work has true authenticity, created by the time sharing in simple conversation and planning prior to each wedding. The connection we build with each couple allows us to hone in on subtle moments throughout the day and create images unique to each couple. A large part of what makes Christina Johnson Photography so unique is the friendship we build with our clients and the detailed preparation and guidance we provide.


We want our couples to enjoy a joyful and relaxing wedding day. The wedding day timeline and checklist we create set the tone for the day. We’ve photographed over 175 weddings and can make the most of every situation, allowing couples to relax and enjoy every moment. Our goal is to capture the essence of the wedding day—the romance, details, and loved ones that make their day memorable–while providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Something people may not know about our company is that we are very involved in supporting our community. Some of the groups Christina Johnson Photography is involved with include:


  • Central MN Wedding Professionals
  • Little Falls Business Association
  • Great River Arts Association
  • Little Falls Sister City Committee
  • Little Falls Boys & Girls Club
  • Pheasants Forever
  • Hands of Hope
  • Morrison County Humane Society


In addition to amazing photography services, we also provide videography services in the form of a fusion video. Fusion video is storytelling with both photos and video segments in one beautiful film. Gorgeous photos are cut with video footage of the most important moments of the day. Couples are able to see their expressions and hear their giggles during the first view. They can see their parents shed a tear and hear their beautiful toasts. They can see the motion as the groom sweeps the bride off her feet during their first dance and hear their favorite song. Fusion video tells the complete story of your wedding day through both sight and sound.


How Was Your Experience at Pine Peaks?

I love how Pine Peaks is all inclusive. And by all inclusive I mean not only that the wedding party is able to stay, play, and celebrate there, I also mean that Dave and Julie have thought of every little detail and perfected it. When I first met them I asked about their background, I was surprised that they had not both worked in the wedding industry for years.

Tell Us About Yourself

I have a background in Marketing (MBA). I love nature, dark chocolate, sunshine, a good book, a warm fire, long walks, snuggling with our daughters Camilla and Anika, snowboarding in Montana, the beautiful blue ocean and creating natural images! I believe anything is possible and nothing is too good to be true.

And I LOVE my job. I don’t think there is any other job in the world where you get to have such amazing relationships and experiences with your clients. I have experienced some of the deepest emotions through my relationships with my clients. They trust me with their most personal and important moments. I have photographed births, newborns, first steps of toddlers, special birthday celebrations, first communions, the proud days of team sports, parents letting their first born go off to college, families with a terminally ill child, entrepreneurs building their business, the anticipation of engagements, the joy of weddings, and families bonding at a funeral. For many clients, I have had the honor to capture more than one of these special life moments. As you can imagine, the relationships I build with my clients run deep.


Christina’s Advice for Event Planning

The best advice I can give for event planning is to reserve a venue and choose vendors who have experience in the industry and whom you feel comfortable with. I love the relationships I build with my clients and providing them with beautiful, meaningful art for their homes.

A secret to great wedding photos is to have your wedding hair updo done prior to the wedding (pick a day that you have a party or at least a night out so you can show it off). That way you will know how long it will take and there won’t be any surprises on the wedding day. Another great secret to looking amazing in your wedding photos is to have more fun than everyone else at the wedding (relax and show your emotions!!!). I have discovered that the brides and grooms who looked the best were the ones having the most fun! These couples were not concerned when the table cloths were the wrong color, or when the band played a song they didn’t enjoy, or even when a few raindrops started to fall. These couples were beaming, laughing, and genuinely glowing in a way that makeup and creative lighting can’t replicate.


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” – A. Siskind

Pine Peaks is glad to have such a talented vendor on hand for our clients and guests. For more information, you can contact Christina Johnson Photography online at or on their Facebook page.

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