A few years ago our family and some friends rented a large motor Yacht in the British Virgin Islands.  The company that owned the boat was called The Moorings.  I was a registered crew member with The Moorings on sailboats in past years but never a Captain.  Because of my extensive experience with larger twin engine boats, I was qualified to Captain a Motor Yacht.  The trip and boat were expensive but we all felt it would be a wonderful experience and an Event we would never forget.

The boat was forty-eight feet long and as wide as three motor homes.  As I motored this yacht out of the Tortola BVI harbor I captained the boat from the upper deck sipping on a cool lemonade.  I was content to wait until we anchored at our first destination before I started happy hour.  Suddenly a very large Ocean Liner came out of nowhere to leave the harbor and stopped me in my tracks.  This is a great story but more on that later.

Four days into our trip we were ordered by The Moorings  to come back to the harbor as Hurricane Omar was fast approaching.  The trip was over with food left to rot in our refrigerators as all the boats were left moored in the harbor while everyone fled to safety.  Hundreds of Thousands of dollars were lost that day by most of The Moorings Motor Yacht renters as was stated in the contract that this loss could be a possibility.

For some reason, I decided to purchase trip insurance prior to our vacation.  We received much of our vacation investment back including the value of the food and refreshments we were forced to leave behind.  This was the first time that I had purchased Event Insurance.

Wedding Insurance is an Event Insurance and works the same way to protect you in the event of unseen forces that may cause you to forfeit deposits and down payments made for your Wedding Day.  This insurance will protect against weather ruining your day and also protect you against delays in your wedding because of a death in the family and a Best Man serving in the Armed Services that is delayed from returning from overseas.  What if one of your vendors files for bankruptcy?  You would lose your deposit but a good wedding insurance policy will cover this.  Check out www.wedsafe.com and protect your wedding day.

Book your Special Day with Pine Peaks Event Center and ask how you can receive a $7000 WedSafe policy included our price.


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