Thinking about running off to Vegas to get hitched? Before you buy your plane tickets, you might want to know about a recent study linking marital success and large weddings.


According to the findings of research group National Marriage Project, couples who get married in large ceremonies in the presence of family and friends tend to have more successful and long-lasting unions.

The study was simple; the group asked 418 recently married couples a series of questions related to the strength of their marriages – a length of partnership, ease of communication, desire to remain together, etc. They then compared those answers against the style of the couples’ weddings.

The results? Couples who hosted large, formal weddings tended to respond more positively. In fact, 41% of couples who threw lavish ceremonies were happy with their marriages, compared with 28% of those who had simple, private ceremonies.


What’s more – the happiness quotient for couples tended to rise with the number of guests. Of that 48% of happy couples, 47% reported a guest list of 150 people or more.

So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are happy couples more likely to throw a big wedding in front of family and friends, or do big weddings generate post-ceremony happiness?

Frankly, there’s no real way to know – every couple is different.

One thing we can all agree on – when you find the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, you probably want to share the joy with the people you love!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

Click here to learn more about this study.

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