Chelsea met Ben in ninth grade when his family moved to Stillwater from Rockford, Illinois. Due to her independent and defiant nature, she claimed she would NOT chase after the new kid at school. Inevitably, due to their common interests, a friendship occurred. Friendship turned to love and the two of them battled through the teenage years and eventually the college years.

The summer of 2014, Ben had expressed his plan to get engaged. Chelsea talked incessantly to family and friends trying to predict how and when it was going to happen (she hates surprises and is a PLANNER!) Chelsea tortured Ben all summer long, so as July came to a close and the last month of summer approached, she expressed to Ben that she thought he was going to ask Aug. 16 up at her cabin. Being completely right, it sent Ben into a scramble to come up with a new idea that would completely surprise her.

Ben did completely surprise her on Aug. 2! Originally stating he was going to be out of town he had planned a surprise day together with just the two of them starting with a fabulous breakfast. Once they returned from breakfast, Ben explained the fun day he had planned; going to the beach and then going out to dinner. Chelsea was so excited that he was there for the weekend and a proposal never crossed her mind. Just before they left for the beach Ben grabbed Chelsea, got down on his knee and this is where it all gets fuzzy for both of them. They are sure he said some extremely kind, loving works but he was nervous and she was crying and ecstatic. She obviously said yes!

Chelsea and Ben knew they wanted more than just a one day wedding and fell in love with Pine Peaks Event Center! Family and friends gathered to enjoy the whole weekend. After decorating the Event Center, they held the rehearsal in the garden then dinner in the retreat house Friday night overlooking the private 80-acre estate.

Saturday finally arrived. It was their day! Chelsea and Ben shared their first look, then fabulous photos on the farm and at Dave and Julie’s lake home. The wedding was held in Pine Peak’s garden in front of their closest family and friends then the celebration began!

Maucieri’s Catering rocked the wedding feast! Thank you to Kate and Chef Brian.

The guests started with a house salad and fresh bread, then mixed vegetables, antipasto, chicken light Italian and chicken parmesan. As a late night snack, Kate baked fresh pizzas in Pine Peak’s very own Mugnaini Wood Fired Oven. Chelsea and Ben also treated the guests to “Ben and Chelsea’s Ice Cream” and Cake Pops!

Tasha and John enjoyed hosting this beautiful wedding at Pine Peaks. We all wish Chelsea and Ben a lifetime of happiness! Please enjoy Julie and Tasha’s photos.

Dave and Julie Nyland Peterson.

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