Ed and Brianna met through a former employer of hers. She was waitressing at a restaurant and he came in. They chatted and after some persistence from Ed, he sweet talked her into giving him her number. She was hesitant as she had recently been divorced. She scribbled it on a piece of paper and they went their separate ways.



Several months later, Ed sent a text to Brianna asking her how she was doing and if she wanted to hang out. They got together to his cabin where low and behold, held to his refrigerator with a magnet was her scribbled phone number! He had realized that first night after talking that she needed some space so he held onto the number and gave her space like gentlemen.


They got along well and soon did nearly everything together. Nearly 4 years later, Ed popped the question! He came out with one of Brianna’s scrapbooks and sat down next to her. He opened it to the first page and said: “I need your help filling the rest of the pages of this book”. The first-page read “Will You Marry Me”. SHE SAID YES!


A beautiful outdoor ceremony was held in Pine Peaks’ garden surrounded by family and friends. Officiating was a past employer of Brianna’s who is a veterinarian, Dr. Greg Strand. Family photos were taken and a record was set with Ed’s family photo!!! After the ceremony the photographer asked everyone related to Ed to meet outside for a photo and the reception hall was almost emptied! What a great idea to have photos of everyone who traveled so far to witness their vows.


The reception was held in the Event Center which was decorated by the couple using their winter long projects. Brianna made flowers from coffee filters which were dyed, baked and put together! They had a restaurant save wine bottles for them and they cut off the bottoms making unique lit centerpieces. Ed made numerous crates from recovered palates which beautifully displayed the 18 different kinds of homemade brownies and bars that Brianna had made. OMG! This was an outstanding display of treats for the guests!!!


Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering served the guests a fabulous buffet dinner of Spinach with hot bacon dressing, fresh bread, three cheese au gratin potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with hollandaise sauce, maple leaf chicken stuffed with Canadian bacon and provolone cheese and slow roasted beef with mushroom demi-glace sauce. The kids were treated to chicken fingers and a fruit cup and veggie cup. Of course, Kate served fresh homemade pizzas in Pine Peaks’ wood fired oven.


A special treat to entertain the guests was the live band “Stimulus Package!” They rocked the night away!

The newlyweds live south of Pillager where they are perfectly located between both of their parents. They love that they are close to the family just a few blocks away from the lake where they spend many summer nights after work. Brianna has five horses which she drives around the neighborhood.

We are so glad you chose Pine Peaks Event Center to celebrate your wedding! We thank Ed and Brianna for leaving beautiful decorations and props that we know will be used by many fortunate couples. Thanks for paying it forward. May you ride off into the sunset together!

-Dave and Julie Peterson

To see Ed and Brianna’s full wedding album visit: http://on.fb.me/1izATAB

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