Maggie and Jeremy were set up by a mutual friend in February 2013. Their first date was on Valentine’s Day and Jeremy drove the two and a half hours down and back just to spend three hours with Maggie in the cities! Living in two different cities presented its challenges, but when it comes to true love, no distance was too far for them.


Seven months later, Jeremy proposed to Maggie in his living room as they sat down in their pajamas to watch a movie. SHE SAID YES! Those who know Maggie know that it was a perfect proposal she could have asked for! 

The couple came across Pine Peaks in a magazine pointed out by a friend. They were so happy that they found a place where they could celebrate a whole wedding weekend, not just a wedding day. They especially enjoyed having the whole bridal party stay together in the Retreat House to allow the couples’ friends to get to know each other. They arrived on Thursday and used many of Pine Peaks’ decorations to customize the Event Center and make it their own. The assortment in Julie’s decoration room is so extensive that no two weddings have ever looked the same at Pine Peaks. (Julie especially liked the Jade color that accented the entire décor. Great choice Maggie!)

2014-08-23 03.33.37

The rehearsal and groom’s dinner was held on Friday at Pine Peaks. A fabulous meal was enjoyed in the pavilion. On Saturday morning, many of the guys enjoyed golfing at one of the many beautiful local courses while the ladies got ready. The guys returned in time to set up the ceremony chairs in the garden and prepare for the I Do’s.

2014-08-23 04.23.20

It was a beautiful over cast day which all photographers’ know makes a picture perfect day! Jeremy had the first look at his beautiful bride before the ceremony next to Pine Peaks’ oldest tree. His response was “You look beautiful, but you always do”. Many photos were taken on the property with the stunning natural green backdrop everywhere you looked!
The ceremony was held in the garden with a very happy couple saying “I DO!” The wedding guests all rang bells as the couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife.
The reception and dinner followed at the Event Center after the hugs and congratulations were given. The couple asked the wedding guests to write a special note of advice and place it in bottles to be opened at their anniversaries. Very cool to be getting advice 50 years from now! As a special treat, the bride and groom put together the S’mores favors for the guests and many toasted marshmallows in the roaring fire pit later in the evening!

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Chef Brian of Maucieri’s Catering treated the guests to a fabulous buffet dinner that everyone raved about! It started with a Caesar salad and fresh bread, green beans, au gratin potatoes, chicken parmesan and slow roasted beef. Great job Maucieri’s team! In a Pine Peaks tradition, Kate later made fresh pizzas in the wood fired oven. The guests danced the night away in celebration of their new life together.

2014-08-23 04.34.38

It was truly a wedding weekend, not just a wedding day for Maggie and Jeremy. The couple stayed in the Retreat house Sunday night for just one more night. Maggie said, “It was an amazing way to unwind without returning to the real world and neither of us wanted to leave!”

2014-08-23 00.40.41
We, at Pine Peaks, were honored to host the joyful wedding of Maggie and Jeremy and wish them the best of luck and love in their lives as husband and wife. Stay true to each other!

– Dave and Julie Peterson

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