Mike and Cassie fell in love with Pine Peaks Retreat & Event Center the very first time they visited it. At the time, they were looking for the perfect location for their wedding and Pine Peaks fit the bill. They wanted privacy, they wanted personalization, and they wanted their wedding to be about their commitment to one another. Check, check and check. A year later on June 15th, they were married at Pine Peaks during a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That wasn’t the end of their relationship with Pine Peaks, however. Since then, they have devoted more time to the stunning wedding venue by helping coordinate and oversee the weddings of other couples. There is nothing more fulfilling for the two of them than to make every wedding as special as possible. So far they have done a very good job of this.


Cassie and Mike both graduated from St. Cloud State University in the spring of 2012. She majored in elementary education and is pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Mike followed his dreams, as well, and went into Film Studies and TV production. They are both currently working hard to achieve their dreams by working in fields related to their chosen careers.
They are both enjoying working with Pine Peaks Event Center and can see a bright future with them!

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