With recent engagements over the holidays and the New Year in full swing, it is time to set some wedding planning resolutions for yourself! Wedding planning can be stressful for many brides, but if you set resolutions for yourself before the process begins, you are bound to have a smooth ride all the way up until the words “I DO.”

Here are 7 wedding resolutions that will make your wedding planning easier:

1. Create a checklist list

Putting together a list of things you need to do to have the wedding of your dreams will give you an idea of what you have in store for the upcoming months and will help you set a date as soon as possible.


There are many sites that offer wedding checklists for you. This will take away the worry that you may have missed something on your list. For example, The Knot offers the “Ultimate Wedding Checklist” that is customizable to fit your planning needs.

Once you have your checklist ready to go, be sure to create some sort of folder or binder to keep your checklist and any other items you may accumulate throughout your planning. This will keep you organized and everything in one place.


2. Create your Guest List

This should be one of your top priorities. Having a good idea of how many people you are planning to invite will help you decide on your ceremony location and your venue. You do not want to book a venue that holds 100 people to realize later that you actually want to invite 300.

The Wedding Wire offers a tool that helps you import your guest’s names, addresses, RSVPs, gifts and more.


3. Set a budget

This is also something you want to do at the beginning of your wedding planning process. Sit down with your fiancé and discuss how much money you can afford for your wedding. If your parents plan to pitch in for your wedding day, make sure you establish a number with them before you spend money they may not have.

Research how much an average wedding in your area costs. The Knot has a great Budget Calculator and advice to help you stick to your budget.

Once you have your budget you will be able to figure out how much you can spend on each item of your wedding. Never go over your budget. It will lead to more stress and unnecessary items you do not need for your wedding.

4. Order your dress early

Don’t be afraid to start dress shopping right away. You are most likely excited and want find that perfect dress. Plan a day with your bridal party to go dress shopping.


It is important that you the find THE dress, but it is also important to order it early. Sometimes it can take months for your dress to be delivered. You have to also figure in the time for alterations. After you lose the weight you wanted to, you might need more alterations than you first had thought, so give yourself time!

5. DIY is your friend

Not only are DIY wedding projects good for your budget, it makes your wedding unique from everyone else.

Figure out what things you can make yourself for your wedding. Centerpieces, flower bouquets, pew decorations, guest book, and a photo slideshow are among the many things you can make yourself. Then figure out how much time it may take you to do each of these things and set a date or time to make them. Make it fun by inviting your bridal party over to help. Offer drinks and play some fun music while you gossip and make your crafts. It will give you and your bridesmaids a chance to bond, plus you have the extra help!

DIY collage

Pinterest is a great place to look for DIY wedding ideas. Visit the Pine Peaks Wedding Pinterest Page for some inspiration.

6. Be picky about your venue

Just because the venue looks amazing, does not mean it is a good choice for you. Do your research! Ask your friends and family where they had their venue and what they thought about it. You want a place that you love how it looks, but you also want a place where the owners are easy to work with and make your experience enjoyable.

Pine Peaks Retreat and Event Center not only has beautiful grounds, but we like to treat our couples as our guests. We want you to feel at home from the moment you get here to the moment you leave and we want your friends and family to feel that way as well. We promise you won’t be disappointed. For available dates contact us.

Grounds collage

7. Enjoy being engaged

Wedding planning can take your focus off of your fiancé. Be sure to set aside some time to share the love and excitement with them.

Involve them in your planning as well. Some may not enjoy that sort of thing, but having them help you with the planning will give you more time to bond and build excitement for them as well.

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