Being a Jeweler is about sharing special moments. J.F. Kruse is honored to be a part of the lives of their clients and they love helping to make a bride’s dreams come true. Since their founding in 2000 J.F. Kruse has worked to become the premier destination for Jewelry and service in Central Minnesota. Co-owners Jim Kruse, Peter Maas and Melissa Kruse-Kelly have over 50 years of experience in helping make dreams come true with a dedication to customer service and custom designed jewelry. Their gallery visually highlights their passion : to provide you with creations of captivating originality and stunning beauty. The purpose of the J.F. Kruse Family is defined with three simple words: Spirit, Story, Sparkle.


J.F. Kruse is very excited to be part of this great Pine Peaks Wedding Giveaway story. The story will live on long after the Wedding Festivities. It will become a part of the lucky Bride and Groom’s Heritage. As a participating Vendor in this extravaganza, J.F. Kruse is extending a $3,000 Jewelry credit to the winners. This will truly be a special moment in 2 peoples lives. J.F. Kruse will be allowing for the moment to Sparkle in a spectacular way.


J.F. Kruse is looking forward to meeting the lucky winners. The Bride and Groom will be invited to visit the new, larger space being built for J.F. Kruse. Their customers asked for more space to view the inventory, design custom jewelry and obtain advice and consultation.


J.F. Kruse believes every person has a story and this one is a DOOZY! J. F. Kruse Jewelers is honored to have the opportunity to learn and become a part of each story both through the jewelry created or chosen and the experience delivered.




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